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Ramaz Studios serves clients with creative visions. Our production studio in London makes the impossible possible with advanced production technology allowing you to create worlds that only existed in your imagination.

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Create The Magic - No Matter Who You Are at Our Production Studio

Virtual Production

A world or space designed by your creativity and powered by unreal engine. Imagining new worlds and creating them is now possible


Step into a paralleled universe film making begins to take new heights, where production is simpler, faster all the way.


Whilst you’re the master of product and retail, we provide the best engine to shoot your next product launch.


Our Drive in film studio facilitates the function at high quality whilst taking off the low loaders and process trailers from your shoulders.

Music Video

There is nothing better than jamming to your new song. Shoot with style from one location to the other without having to go there physically. The 2.6mm pixel-pitch makes virtual surreal.


Whether you’re launching a new line or looking to create your own fashion week, virtual production provides a stage backdrop that can be transformed into any environment.

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Immerse into the world at Ramaz Studios, where creators from all over the world unleash supreme talent at our production studio in London.

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What's Included at our Production Studio

There are some things that make your days on set exceptionally simple. See what Ramaz Studios provides for a seamless production.

Air Conditioning

As you and your team work at breakneck speeds, it can become hot. For your comfort, we have installed air conditioning units in the studio to keep you and your team cool and fresh.

Free Parking

You'll find six comfortable parking spaces available for you, so you don't have to worry about where to park, how to unload your equipment, or whether you'll get fined. Just drive in and park up safely and comfortably.

4 x 4 Green Room Facilities

Our 4x4 green room can be used by production teams when LED production may not always be their flex option

Meeting Room Space

Our 10-person meeting rooms allow you to enjoy your creative flow in your own space. With a busy environment on set, sometimes it's necessary to take a little time to brainstorm and finalise some details.

Changing Room Facilities

The changing room area provides an ample amount of space for up to 8 people. You don't have to compromise the aesthetics of your models.

4m Shuttered Drive-in Space

Our business does big things, so we have the big space to accommodate any big vehicle. As long as you keep your access with a 4 m shutter, you will be able to drive in any large vehicle and bring in bigger equipment.

Shower Facilities

There are shower facilities at Ramaz to get you clean, fresh, and ready to shoot, whether it is your first day on set or the end of your production.

Some Kind Words From Creators

Fantastic studio with high-end facilities! The 4k screen is amazing! would love to work with them again!
Sodoma X
Sodoma X
15:26 18 Dec 22
Amazing space, super friendly , great guys running it. Highly recommend!!!
Ben Wescott
Ben Wescott
09:07 18 Dec 22
A warm and friendly reception at this amazing studio! Recommended.
Nick Ilott (Nico77)
Nick Ilott (Nico77)
20:31 21 Nov 22
Great studio to work at. Excellent facilities throughout and really helpful and friendly people running it all behind the scenes. Would definitley reccomend and will be back to shoot here again for sure!
James Stittle
James Stittle
13:33 21 Nov 22
Thanks so much to the team at Ramaz for helping our production run incredibly smoothly and with a great spirit of creativity and fun. The studios were spacious and comfortable and catered to our shoot’s every need. Mazin was a great help throughout everything.Highly recommend!
Alice Uzzan
Alice Uzzan
15:49 20 Nov 22
Absolutely loved this high quality studio experience. The Ramaz team was on top of our production’s needs, and the facilities were everything we could have asked for. Highly recommend.
C Kania
C Kania
11:51 19 Nov 22
Really great studio, the guys were super accommodating and the facilities were great. Loved working with their LED screen. Everything worked super smoothly and their team were always happy to give us tips and advice based of their experience with it.
Matthias Djan
Matthias Djan
15:27 18 Nov 22
Take The Shot Films (TTSF) started taking shape around the same time as Ramaz Studios was in the ideation phase in the minds of Mazin and Raymond. We are both extremely glad and super excited that our paths crossed, and that TTSF have found a partner at Ramaz. Having seen the studio take shape from the word go, we can see the amount of work, dedication and sacrifice that has gone into making this a filmmaker friendly independent studio with great technology at a reasonable price point. Ramaz Studios not only made their first virtual production short film with TTSF, they are now also the studio partners for our TTSF’s first feature film!Both Raymond and Mazin are very personable and hardworking, making working with them an absolute pleasure. Plus, they have right attitude to not only build a business and brand name, but facilitate a growing community of artists who can find a place to work together :)We look forward to many more collaborations together!Agam JainCo-founder & ProducerTake The Shot Films
Agam Jain
Agam Jain
22:44 04 Oct 22
There are several things that take Ramaz above their competition, both technical and human factors. Technically, the narrower pixel pitch and quality of their screen allows you to do much more when shooting your scenes – making the Virtual Production and or Back-projection process a lot easier than at other facilities. On a human level they are just a delight to work with and they go out of their way to accommodate your needs.Great public transport with the Elizabeth Line and the most important thing of all on a film set: they’ve got great coffee!!!!!
Fernando Ruiz
Fernando Ruiz
20:53 04 Oct 22
The 4k screen here makes a world of difference while everyone else is still doing 1080p. These guys go out of their way to ensure your production runs smooth. Good location for parking, and good public transport for Talent and crew. Full marks.
Josh Grafton
Josh Grafton
11:07 29 Sep 22
Excellent service the guys there are very knowledgeable and helpful.
Rheon Armotrading
Rheon Armotrading
15:30 27 Sep 22
Ramaz studios is my go to studio for a lot of my productions! Their space is perfect and really useful which allows us to meet all our production needs. Really helpful on the day and an absolute pleasure to work with 🙂
Luxmi Vijay
Luxmi Vijay
11:42 19 Sep 22
Highly recommended. Having booked a few times, the team at Ramaz Studios go above & beyond to make sure all runs smooth, accommodating for everyone on set. Great space with LED filming displays.
Iva Tanku
Iva Tanku
15:55 09 Sep 22
An absolute pleasure working with the guys at Ramaz Studios! Not only do they offer cutting-edge virtual production capabilities, they are also passionate about working with projects across the budget spectrum. Lovely folk who I can’t wait to find an excuse to work with again! Would thoroughly recommend!
Sam Hartshorn
Sam Hartshorn
00:58 08 Sep 22
They were good and professional to work with. Fully knew what they were doing and provided help whenever and wherever possible. Would fully recommend them
Olu Oke
Olu Oke
03:29 07 Sep 22
Excellent all round. If you are an indie film maker this is the place to be for Affordability, care and taking your Production to a new level
Chima Nsoedo
Chima Nsoedo
12:39 05 Sep 22

How can we help?

Your film production day can be hectic, we know that. The last thing you need is added stress at the studio when you’re on the job. That’s where we come in to help you during your hire in London.

During your studio hire, we’ll support you by providing assistance to productions by operating the LED display and content to best match the production scenario.
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