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Ramaz Studios is a renowned independent virtual production house situated in the heart of London. We stand as one of the city’s leading pioneers in the realm of film, television, and video production, catering to clients year-round and providing a range of innovative services.

With two popular locations, Abbey Wood and Soho, our unique selling point lies in the avant-garde LED wall technology and state-of-the-art facilities that we utilise, propelling your projects to reach unparalleled levels of excellence. The boundaries for creative exploration are infinite within the four walls of our studio.

About Ramaz Studios
ramaz studios - film studio london
ramaz studios - virtual production studio london

Diverse Expertise

Our proficiency is evident across a broad spectrum of projects. Whether it’s the production of a high-budget film, a trendy music video, or a mesmerising fashion shoot, our team’s expertise and dedication shine through. Our LED screen backdrops create captivating visuals, ideal for realising grandeur drive-in scenes or crafting a compelling corporate advertisement. Amidst the dynamic landscape of visual media, Ramaz Studios navigates with dexterity.

Unmatched Amenities

The experience at Ramaz Studios goes beyond top-quality production work. We pride ourselves on creating a pleasant and hassle-free experience for our clients from the moment they walk into our studios. Our Virtual Production Studios come equipped with a host of top-tier amenities.

We, at Ramaz Studios, seek to ensure not just superiority in the end product but also a seamless and immersive shoot experience.

Experience the excellence. Experience Ramaz Studios.