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Benefits of Using Virtual Production For Photography.

In a world where visuals are vital storytelling tools, the art of photography continually evolves to respond to the demands of the dynamic visual landscape. One of the game-changing innovations in this field is Virtual Production, a phenomenon that has revolutionised the parameters and perspective of photography and without further ado, let’s dive into the benefits of using virtual production for photography.

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What is virtual production and what is it used for?

Virtual production is a filmmaking process integrating real-time computer graphics with live-action footage, allowing for seamless interaction between physical and digital elements in real-time. Essentially, it brings the power of post-production to the onset filming process, reducing guesswork and increasing creative control.

Virtual production in photography

In photography, virtual production brings an extensive range of possibilities for visual creation. Photographers can explore unique visual narratives by blending actual and virtual realities, making their shots dynamic, creative, and limitless by transitioning beyond the physical constraints of conventional photography sets.

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Advantages of Virtual Production in Photography

Seamless Integration

The fusion of real and virtual elements through virtual production enables photographers to create visually stunning scenes previously attainable only through time-consuming post-production processes. Filmmakers have a broader scope of experimentation and expression, fostering unique frames and narratives.

Time Efficiency

Virtual production adds significant speed to photography processes. Traditionally, adjusting lighting, repositioning props, or changing backgrounds can be incredibly time-consuming during a shoot. With virtual production, these changes can be made instantly, improving efficiency on set.


While initial setup for virtual production can seem expensive, it becomes cost-effective in the long run as it reduces location, set designing, and logistical costs, debunking the myth that virtual production is necessarily costly.

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Real-Life Example: My Sunday Ski Case Study

My Sunday Ski is renowned for its stylish ski suits, chic chalet wear, and practical layers and accessories. Their visual marketing strategy focuses on showcasing their products authentically to resonate with their audience.

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To artfully present their apparel in realistic skiing environments, My Sunday Ski utilised virtual production in their photography and marketing campaigns. This technique allowed them to create stunning visuals of their products, simulating various weather conditions, times of the day, and panoramic views of the mountains, thus offering customers a rich, interactive, and engaging virtual shopping experience.

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Other applications of virtual production

Virtual production has made its mark beyond photography. It is extensively used in music video production, advertising, and even podcasting, offering unprecedented creative freedom across fields.


Virtual Production is undeniably transforming the boundaries and outcomes of visual creation. By empowering artists with real-time creative control, it drives innovation across photography and beyond. As technology advances, the potential for virtual production will only grow, offering an exciting future for all visual creators.