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No Low-Loaders Needed

Drive into our studio with high-performing LED panels to create driving scenes you’ve only dreamed about. Whether it’s a ride-along, stunts, or explosions our P1.5mm LED screens can do it all.

Oh...by the way,

The LED screen that will change your game is here. No trailers or low loaders required- just a ol' fashioned smooth ride.

Ramaz Studios x'Ride' The Series

The LED screens provided a photorealistic motion background whilst the couple were on a car ride using the drive-in studio facilities.

Lightweight Production

Streamline driving scenes where you’d typically expect heavy equipment like low loaders and process trailers.

  • No low loaders required
  • No process trailers
  • Work light
  • Work fast
  • Work effectively

Why Choose a Virtual Production Drive-In Studio?

The days of using low loaders in your video production are not over, but there is an easier way.


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