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Facilities at Ramaz Studios, Abbey Wood

Your visit to Ramaz Studios

What's Included during your hire?​

There are some things that make your days on set exceptionally simple. See what Ramaz Studios provides for a seamless drive-in production.

Air Conditioning

Our LED stages facility has air conditioning units that keep you and your team cool and fresh as you work at breakneck speeds.

Free Parking

Parking is easy at this venue. There are six convenient lots available for you to park in, so you don't have to worry about where to park, how to unload your filming equipment, or whether you'll get fined.

A Great Crew

The trained technicians at Ramaz are on-set and always try to make you feel at home so you are relaxed and can focus 100% on bringing the best out of yourself.

4 x 4 Green Room Facilities

Our virtual production studios also have green rooms that are helpful for production teams whose flex options may not include LED panels and virtual production.

Meeting Room Space

When working on a set, sometimes you need to take a little time to brainstorm and finalise some details. Our 10-person meeting rooms offer you a space to enjoy your creative flow.

Changing Room Facilities

You won't need to compromise the aesthetics of your models since the changing room area is large enough for up to 8 people.

4m Shuttered Drive-in Space

Our space can accommodate any size vehicle as long as your access has a 4 m shutter. We can also handle large equipment if you keep your access with a 4 m shutter.

Shower Facilities

Whether it's your first day on set or the end of your virtual production session, Ramaz provides shower facilities for you to get clean, fresh, and ready to shoot.

Free Tea and Nespresso Coffee

Because when you spend the whole day creating something important last thing you need is terrible tea and coffee.

Camera and Lighting Kit

Need help some equipment? We've got a range of camera and lighting kits available for your shoot. Enquire for more info.

Free WiFi

A world without WiFi - can you image? Ramaz Studios provides free WiFi for bookings at the studio, stay connected with the world with super fast internet.

Blue Screen

Cut out of colour spill on your subjects and complete your shoots with a polished look. Our large blue screen works wonders for your shoots.

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