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Photography Studio in London With State of The Art Virtual Production Facilities.

Tired of location hunting, bad weather and lack of control during your shoots? Ramaz Studios is a London exclusive photo studio and provides 5000 sqft of studio space to photographers who want to transform their every day photography into something truly exceptional.

Need Help Planning Your Shoot?


Travel Less

Experience the freedom to switch your backdrop at will and transport yourself to any location in and out of this world with our virtual LED technology.


Make More Money

Cut costs and streamline your photoshoots by utilising our diverse backdrops, sparing you the hassle of multiple locations.


Create More Content

Boost your efficiency by creating, shooting, and editing content all in one day from the same space, with your team, and under a unified budget.

Our Photo Studio is Trusted By Industry Giants

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Don't you feel like there has to be something more out there? The next brilliant thing, something innovative, designed to enhance and spark new waves of creativity?

Aren’t you tired of:

Making calls after calls for different locations and studio types?

Gambling your shoot days on unpredictable weather?

Spending hours editing green screen photos?

Having little-to-no control over the environment

Travelling for multi-location photo shoots?

Spending excessive amounts of your budget on locations and logistics?

It shouldn’t have to be this exhausting and there has to be a better way…

Our Photography Studio in London.

Our Clients Say It Best

Studio Driveby
Studio Driveby
Thanks for taking great care of us guys! Great studio, awesome people. We'll be back! 🙏🎥🚘
elliot zelmanovits
elliot zelmanovits
A lovely studio in SE London and can accommodate a good range of shoot sizes and scales. Maz and the team are incredibly helpful and accommodating. Can't recommend enough.
simon ouldred
simon ouldred
We filmed some promo footage at Ramaz, the location is great along with the studio being fully equipped with everything you need, great green/ dressing rooms, and the team are really helpful with screens and playback. I would use the studio again for future projects. Thanks Simon All The Feels Live
Quint Boa
Quint Boa
These guys are absolutely fabulous. They are professional courteous, helpful and very very cost-effective. When it comes to producing any projects that involve LED screens, these are definitely the go to guys.
Morgan Faverty
Morgan Faverty
A great team and space. We shot a music video with Ramaz Studio and it was our first time working with a Virtual studio and they were very accommodating and supportive. Would recommend!
Cathy Ye
Cathy Ye
Had a fantastic time shooting our short film at Ramaz as the cinematographer. We shot with 2D assets, and were able to shoot out 7 locations in one day (4 in virtual production, 3 cheated elsewhere in studio). Raymond and Maz are lovely guys, and without their support, we wouldn't have been able to have as smooth and fun of a shoot as we did. Thanks for having us guys!
William Cornelius
William Cornelius
Great people and a great space to shoot in, they couldnt do enough for us. Its a large enough space to carry out all manner of shoots.
Leif Johnson
Leif Johnson
The team at Ramaz are very supportive and accommodating. I’ve shot multiple projects at Ramaz and can’t recommend them more. 5+ stars
Zion Roache
Zion Roache
We had an amazing shoot here. Big Thanks to the team at Ramaz !!
Martina rrr
Martina rrr
I had an amazing experience with Ramaz Studios. Their professionalism in virtual production is top-notch, and the team is incredibly friendly. We have shot our short film at Ramaz and I highly recommend them for a seamless and enjoyable virtual production experience.

Your visit to Ramaz Studios

What's Included At Our Photo Studios in London

During your shoot day, some essentials make the day go much smoother. Maximise your days at our studio by experiencing the true benefits of using Ramaz Studios for your photoshoots.

Air Conditioning

Our LED stages facility has air conditioning units that keep you and your team cool and fresh as you work at breakneck speeds.

Free Parking

Parking is easy at this venue. There are six convenient lots available for you to park in, so you don't have to worry about where to park, how to unload your filming equipment, or whether you'll get fined.

A Great Crew

The trained technicians at Ramaz are on-set and always try to make you feel at home so you are relaxed and can focus 100% on bringing the best out of yourself.

4 x 4 Green Room Facilities

Our virtual production studios also have green rooms that are helpful for production teams whose flex options may not include LED panels and virtual production.

Meeting Room Space

When working on a set, sometimes you need to take a little time to brainstorm and finalise some details. Our 10-person meeting rooms offer you a space to enjoy your creative flow.

Changing Room Facilities

You won't need to compromise the aesthetics of your models since the changing room area is large enough for up to 8 people.

4m Shuttered Drive-in Space

Our space can accommodate any size vehicle as long as your access has a 4 m shutter. We can also handle large equipment if you keep your access with a 4 m shutter.

Shower Facilities

Whether it's your first day on set or the end of your virtual production session, Ramaz provides shower facilities for you to get clean, fresh, and ready to shoot.

Free Tea and Nespresso Coffee

Because when you spend the whole day creating something important last thing you need is terrible tea and coffee.

Camera and Lighting Kit

Need help some equipment? We've got a range of camera and lighting kits available for your shoot. Enquire for more info.

Free WiFi

A world without WiFi - can you image? Ramaz Studios provides free WiFi for bookings at the studio, stay connected with the world with super fast internet.

Blue Screen

Cut out of colour spill on your subjects and complete your shoots with a polished look. Our large blue screen works wonders for your photography.

Our Photo Studio in London is Built For
Creators, Innovators, Game-Changers and Visionaries. Is this you?

E-commerce Photography

We provide cutting-edge technology and a professional studio environment to ensure your product images are crisp, experienced, and optimised for maximum customer engagement, leading to improved conversion rates.

Product Photography

Ramaz Studios provides a space for product photography to help you showcase your products effectively and increase sales. Our state-of-the-art studio equipped with virtual production technology enables our photographers to capture every detail of your products and highlight their unique features, resulting in captivating images that increase sales and elevate your brand’s visibility.

Fashion Photography

A premium fashion photography facility is Ramaz Studios’ advantage in elevating your brand’s image. Our state-of-the-art facilities and virtual production equipment allow you to capture the essence of your designs flawlessly, providing captivating visuals that highlight your collections with unparalleled sophistication and appeal.

Food Photography

Ramaz Studios’ specialised environment for food photography will entice taste buds and attract food lovers. With our studio’s advanced virtual production capabilities, photographers can create tantalising images that showcase your culinary creations’ textures, colours, and flavours, enticing customers and enhancing your brand’s appeal to customers.

Editorial Photography

You can tell compelling stories and capture attention using Ramaz Studios’ exclusive editorial photography environment. Using advanced virtual production capabilities in our studio, photographers can produce captivating visuals that will enhance your editorial content and establish your brand in the industry as a leader.

Commercial Photography

Our top-notch commercial photography space will help you stand out and make a lasting impression on the market. Photographers from our studio can produce dynamic and visually stunning images that effectively convey your brand’s message, driving engagement and enhancing your bottom line with our cutting-edge facilities and virtual production technology.

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We believe conversations help us better understand you, your requirements and your vision of the shoot. Reach out to our team requesting a call back to discuss your project and we’ll provide you with the rates.

How Can Virtual Production Help You With Your Photo Shoots?

Not sure how virtual production can help you with your photography? Discover the benefits and use cases of some great companies that we’ve worked with to shoot their next season fashion and more.

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