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Ramaz Studios Ignites Soho with Explosive Second Studio Launch

London, [09-06-2023] – BOOM! Ramaz Studios Soho, the powerhouse of creative virtual production, is set to detonate the scene with the grand opening of its second studio in the pulsating heart of Soho. Nestled at 75 Dean Street, this adrenaline-fueled expansion marks a monumental achievement for Ramaz Studios, blasting off just two months after commemorating its triumphant first year in business.

ramaz studios soho launch - june

Ramaz Studio Soho will erupt in the legendary space once dominated by the Warner
Brothers post-production house, fusing its energy with the groundbreaking creative club,
TWELFTH. This explosive alliance unites a diverse battalion of artists, technologists, and
innovators, forging a nexus of talent that will shatter the boundaries of sustainable virtual production technology and creativity.

Engineered as a compact and versatile powerhouse, Ramaz Studio Soho will be armed with a cutting-edge LED screen, custom-built for interviews, product photography/videography, small music videos, and live broadcasts. The studio’s soundproofing fortifications create the ultimate environment for pristine audio recording, augmenting Ramaz Studio’s existing 5000 square feet Abbey Wood facility, designed for larger-scale cinematic conquests.

The strategic deployment of Ramaz Studio Soho empowers Ramaz Studio to command a wider array of production companies and their unique missions. This expansion enables Ramaz Studio to deliver precision-tailored solutions, granting clients the freedom to choose between the two studios based on their project objectives and desired magnitude.

We are thrilled to unveil Ramaz Studio Soho and further extend our creative reach in the heart of London, The new studio reflects our commitment to providing innovative spaces that inspire creativity and collaboration. With our expanded offerings, we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of our clients and continue delivering exceptional experiences.

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