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Terms & Conditions

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Conditions of Hire

The booking will only be confirmed when 50% deposit has been cleared, the rest 50% must be cleared the day before of the shoot.

In case the shoot is in less than 7 days, 100% of the payment must be cleared to secure the desired booking dates.

Overtime payable at 10% of the daily hire charge, per hour Shoots over 5 days by separate negotiation VAT is payable at 20%

General Terms & Conditions

  1. On booking a studio for the purposes of filming, photography or performance, the Studio Client accepts that he/she/they is satisfied with the facility and that he/she/they has deemed it to be suitable for the purposes of the hire.

  2. Ramaz Studios operates a strong publicity campaign using our popular online presence. With the client’s consent, we will carefully and respectfully use some of the images/footage from the shoot on our website, blog and social networking site for promotional purposes.

  3. Verbal confirmation is not an accepted booking confirmation method and a studio hire booking is only confirmed once a booking form has been filled out and the terms and conditions read and accepted by the hirer and the full payment is made.

  4. The studio hire hours start from the time the hirer enters the studio or the agreed booking time.

  5. The studio has been treated for sound with curtains to reduce external noise and to limit internal echo as much as possible. The Studio Client accepts that he or she has checked the sound qualities of the space(s) to be hired and that he or she has deemed it to be suitable for the purposes of the hire.
  6. On completion of the last day of a shoot, Studio Clients are responsible for clearing the studio and hospitality areas used by them, of all lighting equipment, furniture, shooting equipment, food, drink, props and general waste except where provided by the studio. Charges will be levied if the Studio has to remove any of these items.
  7. On completion of the last day of a shoot, set-building waste created by the Studio Client must be removed. If waste is left at the premises, the Studio will hire a commercial skip and pass the associated costs for removal, together with a £50 administration fee, onto the Studio Client.
  8. The Studio Client agrees to compensate the Studio for loss, damage or distress to equipment, facilities, or to the fabric of the Studio itself, if caused by the Studio Client.
  9. The studio premises are located next to a residential area. Studio Clients must respect the studio’s neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum between the hours of 22:00 and 08:00, especially when arriving and leaving.
  10. The studios occupy a shared forecourt and outside space, which provides for limited use and access arrangements including deliveries of equipment. Any required use by clients but not limited to outside filming or construction is prohibited unless prior agreement has been obtained and confirmed by the studio team. A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for such requests and approval can’t always be guaranteed. If any requests are critical to a particular project, it is the responsibility of the studio client to ensure those permissions are granted prior to booking their shoot.
  11. The Studio cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for fines incurred by Studio Clients and their visitors who park their vehicles in contravention of prevailing traffic laws.
  12. Studio Clients must not use the public roads and pavements surrounding the studio premises to store any items, including, but not restricted to, shooting equipment, set-building materials, props, costumes or lighting equipment. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the studio premises.
  13. The studio is covered by employer’s liability insurance. The Production Company is responsible for its production insurance.

Studio Charges

  1. The standard period of studio hire is 10 hours between the hours of 08:00- 18:00, overtime is charged hourly on a pro rata basis.
  2. The studio hire fee, before lights, per 10-hour day on weekdays varies, please refer to the quote provided by the studio.
  3. The studio hire fee for a weekend may vary.
  4. The studio manager and other crew are charged at £80 per hour overtime for every hour over the agreed hire period. Additional staffing charges may apply.
  5. Mains electricity is included in your studio price.
  6. A deposit of 50% is required to book the studio. The remainder of the fee including charges for additional services must be settled by the Production Company the day before the studio hire. Ramaz Studios will only take payment as bank transfer, therefore we do not keep record of credit cards to book the studio.
  7. Ramaz Studios reserves the right to charge the full, agreed price on cancellations made within three working days of the first scheduled shoot day.
  8. The Production Company is responsible for clearing and cleaning the studio space on completion of the shoot. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.

Studio Cancellations

  1. Any cancellations, postponements or other date changes are charged at 50% of the studio rate per day.
  2. Once the booking form has been signed and the studio has been formerly confirmed for use by a corresponding production; any cancellations or change to agreed dates would be liable to incur a cancellation fee. Any cancellations made within three working days of the first scheduled shoot day, Ramaz Studios reserves the right to charge the full, agreed price.
  3. Ramaz Studios will reserve the right of discretion regarding any changes to dates made after the confirmation agreement. This would purely be dependent on studio space and crew availability for the new dates.

Studio Lighting & Electrical

  1. The studio presumes that anyone operating any of its equipment is competent with its use. It is the studio hirer’s responsibility to pre-determine that all crew are capable and qualified for the job they are doing and will be held liable for any misuse or damages incurred.
  2. The Studio is only liable for the hiring of equipment where an equipment list is agreed in writing (itemised on booking form) prior to shooting.
  3. The Studio is liable for the performance and safety of its own electrical equipment.
  4. The Studio Client should ensure that all electric equipment they bring to the studio is PAT tested and safe to use.
  5. If the Studio is unable to supply or source any item of lighting equipment requested by the Studio Client, then the Studio Client may bring this item into the studio from alternative sources, only by prior arrangement.
  6. The Studio Clients may bring their own consumables to a shoot if preferred.
  7. Power output available for each shoot might be restricted depending upon demand. The Studio Client should check with the Studio at the time of booking to ensure that sufficient power is available for the planned shoot.
  8. Power cuts from the National Grid are not deemed to be the responsibility of the Studio; the Studio will not be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of power cuts.

Health & Safety

  1. While in the studio, the hirer is responsible for their own (and third parties employed through them) insurance cover against theft, loss or damage to their own equipment. Ramaz Studios will not be held liable for any claims whatsoever made by the hirer or substituent individuals working on any one particular shoot.
  2. The hirer is responsible for and liable for their own insurance to cover personal injury to crew and cast, plus liability to any third parties involved.
  3. Ramaz Studios has £5m public liability insurance (Ramaz LTD)
  4. Studio Clients are responsible for the health & safety of their shoot.
  5. Studio Clients should carry out a hazard assessment prior to their shoot.
  6. Studio Clients must acquaint themselves with the Studio’s emergency procedures prior to shooting. These will be found at the entrance lobby to each studio, and in the Main Reception area of the building.
  7. In the event of injury, the Studio provides a First Aid Kit. However, the studio is unable to provide First Aid qualified personnel.


  1. For security purposes at busy studio times, studio clients, their crews and cast members will be asked to sign in and out.
  2. The Studio operates internal and external CCTV camera recording equipment. CCTV cameras are located in each studio but in the event of a ‘closed set’, and with the permission of the Studio, these can be covered.
  3. The Studio won’t be held responsible for Studio Clients’ lost, stolen or damaged goods or equipment on the studio premises at any time. All goods and equipment are brought onto the studio premises entirely at the owner’s risk.
  4. Any parking provided by the studio is used at one’s own risk – the studio accepts no responsibility for any damage or theft to any vehicle.
  5. By signing our booking form; you agree: The described nature of the shoot: music, drama, commercial, corporate, performance, etc. The precise nature of any paint-work to be carried out by the studio together with associated costs. To abide by the payment terms. The amount of electricity to be available to the studio on the day(s) of hire. Only requested hospitality rooms are to be included in the studio hire. Only to bring the specified amount of people to the shoot (crew, cast, production).
  6. The client should inform the Studio of certain aspects of a shoot that might necessitate specific precautionary measures or the provision of additional facilities or services. These include, but are not restricted to: Excessive noise – including music playback, set-builds, nudity, use of pyrotechnics, inflammables, smoke, liquids, etc. Doing stunts, working with children or animals.

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