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Virtual Production Studio in London & LED Stage.

Our virtual production studio in London brings the unimaginable to life. Ramaz Studios virtual production facility is powered by Unreal Engine, creating worlds from within using the UK’s finest LED wall. Looking to book our virtual studio for your next production? View our studio availability.

About The Virtual Studio

Experience the excellence of Ramaz Studios, an acclaimed independent virtual production studio in London. We cater to year-round film, TV, and video production with cutting-edge LED wall technology and state-of-the-art facilities. There are unlimited creative possibilities.

Our expertise shines in various projects, from film and music videos to fashion shoots. Enhance your visuals with our captivating LED screen backdrops for drive-in scenes and corporate advertisements.

Enjoy top-notch amenities at our virtual studio, like green rooms, production areas, changing rooms, onsite parking, and complimentary Nespresso coffee, ensuring a seamless and immersive shoot experience.

What is Virtual Production?

Become part of the exciting world of virtual production, where cutting-edge technology meets filmmaking. With LED walls, you can immerse yourself in dynamic virtual sets that come to life—no more green screens. Take control of your vision, unlock your creativity, streamline workflows, and take complete control of your vision. It starts at our virtual studio in London.

Experience authentic performances while minimising post-production work by interacting with virtual elements. Take advantage of enhanced pre-visualisation and collaborative opportunities and transform your storytelling using Ramaz Studios virtual production studio in London. Experience a thrilling, efficient, and unforgettable cinematic experience with virtual production. Lights, cameras, virtual action!

Production From Creators Who Have Used Our Virtual Production Studio in London

Discover creative projects from creators who have hired our LED walls to design and produce stunning productions. With virtual production, the sky isn’t the limit. Check out the case studies we’ve put together from creators who have used our virtual studios in London.

atp virtual production shoot in london
Play Video about atp virtual production shoot in london

Why Clients Love To Hire our LED Stages and Virtual Studio in London

Besides the incredible work people do here at Rama Studios, discover hearty comments from clients who love using Ramaz Studios virtual production space for their productions.

Anton Califano
Read More
Had a fantastic welcome tour of the studio. The facilities look amazing, easy to get to, and state of the art virtual production services - can't wait to do my first shoot at Ramaz Studios!
Sodoma X
Read More
Fantastic studio with high-end facilities! The 4k screen is amazing! would love to work with them again!
Ben Wescott
Read More
Amazing space, super friendly , great guys running it. Highly recommend!!!
James Stittle
Read More
Great studio to work at. Excellent facilities throughout and really helpful and friendly people running it all behind the scenes. Would definitely recommend and will be back to shoot here again for sure!
Alice Uzzan
Read More
Thanks so much to the team at Ramaz for helping our production run incredibly smoothly and with a great spirit of creativity and fun. The studios were spacious and comfortable and catered to our shoot’s every need. Mazin was a great help throughout everything. Highly recommend!

Using Virtual Production vs Traditional Film Production Techniques

Discover virtual production’s limitless potential using digital innovation to transform filmmaking. Today’s virtual production revolution offers unprecedented creative freedom, cost efficiency, realistic visuals, streamlined workflows, and unparalleled flexibility.

A greater degree of creative freedom

By blending physical sets with computer-generated environments, virtual production opens up limitless storytelling opportunities. It gives filmmakers unprecedented creative freedom. Without restrictions on practical filming, directors can create fantastical worlds, realistic historical settings, or futuristic landscapes.

A cost-effective strategy

Using a virtual set can substantially reduce production costs since location scouting, travel expenses, or construction of expensive sets do not have to be conducted as traditional filming methods. As a result, virtual shoots save time and money by allowing users to edit and adjust live, reducing the need for reshoots or post-production editing.

Seamless integration of realistic visuals

A seamless integration of live-action and digital elements results in stunningly realistic visuals through virtual production technology. A virtual production gives CG characters unparalleled realism, whether integrated into real-world environments or created entirely digitally.

Streamline Workflow

Filmmaking traditionally involves multiple departments and extensive coordination, resulting in complicated workflows and potential communication problems. Virtual production streamlines production by integrating previsualization, camera tracking, and lighting into one digital environment. This streamlines workflow and increases collaboration, decision-making, and production efficiency.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Virtual sets enable filmmakers to change scenes, lighting conditions, or camera angles on-the-fly, eliminating reshoots and allowing them to adapt to changing production needs. Furthermore, virtual production helps filmmakers visualise the final shot during filming, so they can make adjustments as needed.

Your visit to Ramaz Studios

Benefits of Using our Virtual Studio

During your production day, some essentials make the day go much smoother. Maximise your days at our studio by experiencing the true benefits of using Ramaz Studios for your virtual productions.

Air Conditioning

Our LED stages facility has air conditioning units that keep you and your team cool and fresh as you work at breakneck speeds.

Free Parking

Parking is easy at this venue. There are six convenient lots available for you to park in, so you don't have to worry about where to park, how to unload your filming equipment, or whether you'll get fined.

A Great Crew

The trained technicians at Ramaz are on-set and always try to make you feel at home so you are relaxed and can focus 100% on bringing the best out of yourself.

4 x 4 Green Room Facilities

Our virtual production studios also have green rooms that are helpful for production teams whose flex options may not include LED panels and virtual production.

Meeting Room Space

When working on a set, sometimes you need to take a little time to brainstorm and finalise some details. Our 10-person meeting rooms offer you a space to enjoy your creative flow.

Changing Room Facilities

You won't need to compromise the aesthetics of your models since the changing room area is large enough for up to 8 people.

4m Shuttered Drive-in Space

Our space can accommodate any size vehicle as long as your access has a 4 m shutter. We can also handle large equipment if you keep your access with a 4 m shutter.

Shower Facilities

Whether it's your first day on set or the end of your virtual production session, Ramaz provides shower facilities for you to get clean, fresh, and ready to shoot.

Free Tea and Nespresso Coffee

Because when you spend the whole day creating something important last thing you need is terrible tea and coffee.

Camera and Lighting Kit

Need help some equipment? We've got a range of camera and lighting kits available for your shoot. Enquire for more info.

Free WiFi

A world without WiFi - can you image? Ramaz Studios provides free WiFi for bookings at the studio, stay connected with the world with super fast internet.

Blue Screen

Cut out of colour spill on your subjects and complete your shoots with a polished look. Our large blue screen works wonders for your shoots.

Pixel-Pitch Perfect

Make your visual storytelling stand out with our extraordinary P1.5mm pixel pitch. Top directors use this cutting-edge virtual production technology for cinematic clarity and sharpness.

  • Completely immersed audience
  • Pixels that disappear at 1.5mm for a crisp shot
  • Perfect for creators of film, television, music videos, photography, advertising and more!

Main Stage Abbey Wood (The New Hollywood)

Virtual Studio Hire Rates

We price ourselves competitively so you can receive the most value during your time with Ramaz Studios. For bespoke filming packages, get in touch.

Exclusive Rate Package

Abbey Wood Studio Fee

£ 5828 00
  • 5000 sq ft Stage Sound Treated With Blackout Curtains
  • 4x4m Makeup Room
  • 4x4m Green Room/Production Room
  • First Floor Production Room/Client Room With SDI Feed and TV Connected To The Studio Floor + Conference Table For Up to 8 People
  • Main LED Screen 1.5mm Pixel-Pitch. 5.8m x 3.2m
  • Side Screen For Flighting 2.6mm Pixel-Pitch. 2m x 2m on Mobile Trolleys
  • LED Tech Technician For Tech and Content Support
  • Vive Tracking System
  • Raised Platforms From the Floor Qty 6 Dims. 2.4x1.2m
  • Studio Manager
  • 2 Toilets With Shower On Studio Floor. 2 Toilets on First Floor.
  • Tea & Nespresso Coffee - Always Free.
  • Up to 6 Car Parking Spaces. More Available Near Abbey Wood Station
  • Day Before Kit Drop Off Available on Request
  • Multi-Day Discount When Booking 3+Days
  • Upgrade To Vive Mars Tracking System + Operator For £1028+VAT/Day
  • Dedicated Unreal Engine Operator £500+VAT/Day
  • More Advanced Systems And Tracking Are Available on Request

Our Virtual Production Studios in London

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