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High-Performance Indoor LED Display

Modular and Scalable for Virtual Production Environments.

It’s time to empower your production stages with state-of-the-art virtual screens that are durable, sustainable and scalable.

In partnership with SiliconCore.

About The XR 1.9mm LED Display Screen

LED screen display by Siliconcore, LED Cabinet sale Europe ramaz studios

Features of The XR 1.9mm LED Screen

240Hz frame rate

7680Hz refresh rate

Highest resolution LED studio floor currently available

160-degree viewing angle

2000 nit sustained brightness

2000Kg/m2 weight bearing floor

SiliconCore Common Cathode LED driver design for low power consumption

Up to 40% less power consumption than conventional LED displays

Elite Virtual Production Performance


LISA technology equips devices with enhanced ruggedness and safeguards for use in harsh outdoor settings.

Modularity and Floor

A cabinet with dimensions of 500x500mm (19.7″ x 19.7″) offers flexibility in building a floor or wall of any size, thus enhancing its scalability.

Narrow Pixel Pitch

LED signage provides the most superior resolution content for every square meter.

Low Power, High Performance

This display is 40% more efficient compared to similar screens, resulting in remarkable high brightness and true-to-life image quality.

Controlled Temperatures

By consuming less power, the device operates at cooler temperatures and lessens reliance on HVAC, lowering overall operating expenses.

Higher Dynamic Range

Our LED design has a robust resistance to temperature changes, guaranteeing constant brightness levels. Moreover, its lifespan outperforms outdoor LCDs by a factor of two to five times.

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