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The World of Virtual Production

Virtual Production is a new, creative and dynamic space right now. Since the launch of Star Wars – The Mandalorian, it’s become even bigger. Ramaz Studios continuously publishes new content around the virtual production industry. Whether you’re new or want to advance a little further, stick around.

What is virtual production?

Times have evolved and changed since the old green and blue screens. We still use them, they’re still popular in the industry but there’s something bigger and better – [Enter virtual production] Read more virtual production, the you’re only a link away from pairing the virtual world with the physical world.

what is virtual production?

Samsung "Jungle King" Campaign - Case Study

The Odyssey Ark gaming monitor is something out of this world. Ramaz Studios had the opportunity to work side by side with Samsung to create the “Jungle King” campaign. Discover how Samsung used our Virtual Production studio to create an immersive gaming campaign.

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A Virtual Future for Sustainable Film Production

The film industry is a major polluter. Virtual production is a new technique that can help reduce its impact. Other sustainable practices include using sustainable materials, recycling, and reducing energy consumption.

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